TANK STRAP: 2pk (Special Edition) Blue. 1 Bike Set
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TANK STRAP: 2pk (Special Edition) Blue. 1 Bike Set

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 The 2 Pack comes with 2 endless tie down Straps perfect for transporting 1 full size motorcycle. When we transport our motorcycles we always use 2 straps.

    These Straps are also made right here in the USA. We have been using the same batch of tie down straps for the past 2 years and have moved hundreds of Motorcycles thousands of miles. The Endless Strap tie down method is the exact same method that Harley Davidson and Honda use to tie down the bikes that they send to Dealerships.:

  • These Straps Don't Stretch.
  • 10,000lb Webbing Max Break Strength
  • 4,400lb Total Strap/buckle Break Strength
  • No hooks to come undone.
  • Endless loop for safety.
  • No pop when you release.
  • Absolute overkill for piece of mind trailering.