Confidence Down the Road

We do this for a living and these straps gives us the confidence to focus on the road

Any Make and Model

The straps can be used to transport all motorcycles

Perfect for your Harley

No need for soft ties the straps wont scratch the metal and does not touch any paint

The biggest bikes are no match

We use these on all of the bikes we transport


How It Works

Why The Professionals use These Straps

No stress on Suspension

 Tank Straps put no pressure or stress on the motorcycles suspension. They allow your bike to naturally move up and down with bumps in the road without losing tension on the straps.

No Weak Points

The weakest point on any normal strap is typically the hook. Tank Straps utilize an endless loop design with no hooks that will leave your bike secure and scratchless. The aviation grade Webbing is rated for 10,000lb break strenght and the Ratchet for 4,000lb break strenght. Tank Straps are more than enough for your Bike. 

Most Secure

Tank Straps use a low center of gravity to secure bikes. These straps have a tight no stretch fabric that will always keep your bike grounded and secure. After you strap your bike down give it the shake test. Your trailer and bike should move as one!

People Love our Straps

"Substantial, high quality straps to haul your motorcycle or other cargo"

Linda C

"The other advantage is being able to strap the bike down and unhook without a helper"

Aaron S

"These are 10 times stronger than others I've used. We strapped down his bike and off we went. 65 miles of the roughest terrain you could imagine"

R Lozia


These are the best tie down straps period! i used these to trailer my motorcycle from Lancaster pa to Queens NY and my bike did not move an inch


These are working great!! I just picked up my first bike (driving back now) and bought these straps from watching the videos...


Really like the security that these straps provide while transporting my bike,mower or anything else...

Stephen H

Why so Tough?